La Suisse Normande ?

Founders Fabienne Mathieu and Frédéric Guitel are originally from Europe. She hails from Switzerland (Suisse, in French), and he's from France, in the region of Normandy. Put them together, and you get La Suisse Normande. The name also pays tribute to a tiny area in Normandy whose landscape bears a striking resemblance to the Swiss countryside.

The Activities

Over time, we have arranged our facilities in order to offer a welcoming place.

Our garden offers you an experience of discovery along the trails. Self-picking flowers is possible throughout the summer period.

It is possible for you to come and pamper the goats.

We also have renovated our old barn, which gives a large sheltered picnic area. In addition, you will find outdoor tables to be able to eat while enjoying the sun.

The Farm

La Suisse Normande is initially a dairy farm. Over the years, in the pursuit of self-sufficiency, operations evolved in lockstep with our core values; sustainable and principled agriculture. We are proud to continue these practices today from farm to table.

The Cheesework

In April 1995, Fabienne and Frédéric started the cheeseworks to boost the farm’s self-sufficiency. Since then, meticulous cheesemakers have been crafting the cheese according to time-honoured methods.

L'Épicerie Rurale

You will find local and regional products that reflect the values ​​of La Suisse Normande in terms of local and responsible purchasing.

Enjoy your visit!

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