The Farm

La Suisse Normande is initially a dairy farm. Over the years, in the pursuit of self-sufficiency, operations evolved in lockstep with our core values; sustainable and principled agriculture. We are proud to continue these practices today from farm to table.


Our animals

At the cheese dairy, all processed goat's milk comes exclusively from our goats...

To obtain superior quality milk, we provide our animals with optimal comfort. This results in a complete diet, adapted according to their needs, ease of litter and a calm living space.

Milking is done twice a day, 365 days a year!

Our herd is made up of 2 breeds of dairy goats, the Alpine (several colors) and the Saanen (white).

The goat farm is open to the public throughout the year to share with you our reality as a breeder.

We want to promote exchanges and be able to discuss with you!


Our fields

Always with the aim of feeding our animals with the best quality food, we cultivate our own fields. This step is the first of several that will lead us to an exceptional cheese.

Manure is used as fertilizer for our crops.

Throughout the summer, the weather will guide us to know when will be the best times to go to the field!

Here are some pictures of some stages of the work in the field.